About Us

Land Design Group, Inc., established in 2007, is a team of landscape architectural professionals headquartered in Gainesville, Ga.  With a collective 40+ years in the design industry, we are dedicated to the proper development of the built environment. Landscape architecture is a service profession that takes into consideration the management and conservation of our resources while understanding and planning for human desires and needs. Land Design Group, Inc. believes that we are stewards of the earth and, at the same time, are responsible for enhancing the capacity of human society to survive and improve.

The professionals at Land Design Group, Inc. are Registered Landscape Architects with the State of Georgia, Level II Design Professionals with the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission, ISA Certified Arborists with the International Society of Arboriculture, and CPO (Certified Pool Design and Operator) Professionals. Our extensive list of project experiences ranges from Urban Design, and Greenway Pedestrian Trails, to Commercial and Residential Development Master Plans, and Estate planning.

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